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Alternative Medicines Courses (Distance Program)


  • Diploma in Alternative Medicines (D.A.S.M.)
Eligibility For Admission:- 10th / 12th / / O level or Equivalent.
DURATION: 2 Years.(It may be completed in a shorter duration based on the student's ability and performance).


  • Acupressure and Magnet Therapy D.A.M.T.
  • Diploma In Acupuncture D.Ac)
  • Diploma In Aromatherapy D.A.T.S.
  • Diploma In Aura Healing D.Au.H.
  • Diploma In Bach Flower Remedies D.B.F.R.
  • Diploma In Beauty Therapy D.Be.T.
  • Diploma In Counselling and Psychotherapy D.P.C.
  • Diploma In Chinese (Traditional) Medicine D.T.C.M.
  • Diploma In Chiropractic D.C.T.
  • Diploma In Crystal Healing D.Cy.H.
  • Diploma In Cupping Therapy D.Cu.T.
  • Diploma In Diet and Nutrition D.D.N.
  • Diploma In Electro Homeopathy D.E.H.M.
  • Diploma In Feng Shui D.F.S.
  • Diploma In Gem-Tele-Chromo Therapy D.G.T.C.T.
  • Diploma In Herbal Medicines D.M.H.S.
  • Diploma In Holistic Health and Nutrition D.H.H.N.
  • Diploma In Hypnotherapy D.H.T.
  • Diploma In Hydrotherapy D.Hy.T.
  • Diploma In Indo Allopathy D.I.A.S.
  • Diploma In Iridology D.I.S.
  • Diploma In Kinesiology D.K.S.
  • Diploma In Massage Therapy D.Ma.T.
  • Diploma In Medical Astrology D.M.A.S.
  • Diploma In Meditation D.M.T.
  • Diploma In Naturopathy D.Nat.
  • Diploma In Naturopathy and Yoga D.N.Y.T.
  • Diploma In Pranic Healing D.P.H.
  • Diploma In Pyramid Healing D.Py.H.
  • Diploma In Radiesthesia and Radionics D.R.R.S.
  • Diploma In Reflexology D.R.T.
  • Diploma In Reiki D.R.H.
  • Diploma In Sound and Music Therapy D.S.M.T.
  • Diploma In Spiritual Healing D.S.H.
  • Diploma In Tibetan Medicines D.T.M.
  • Diploma In Yoga Therapy D.Y.T.
  • Duration & Eligibility:- Its a one year program, all the courses mentioned above are High School / Standard Xth / O level or Equivalent.


  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology D.M.L.T.
  • Diploma in Physiotherapy D.P.T.
  • Diploma in Electro-Cardiogram Technology D.E.C.T.
  • Diploma in Medical Radiographic (X-Ray) Technology D.M.R.T.
  • Diploma in Dental Alternative Science D.D.A.S.
  • Diploma in Veterinary (Alternative) D.A.H.S.
  • Eligibility & Course Duration:- Its a 1 year Course, Twelfth Grade / Intermediate / Standard XIIth / A Level or Equivalent.
  • Diploma in First Aid D.F.A.
  • Diploma in Family Welfare & Population Education D.F.W. & P.E.
  • Diploma in Hygiene & Sanitation D.H.S.
  • Diploma in Home Nursing D.H.N.
  • Eligibility & Course Duration:- Its a six Month COurse, Twelfth Grade / Intermediate / Standard XIIth / A Level or Equivalent.


  • Acupressure and Magnet Therapy B.A.M.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Acupuncture B.Ac.
  • BACHELOR OF Aromatherapy B.A.T.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Aura Healing B.Au.H.
  • BACHELOR OF Bach Flower Remedies B.B.F.R.
  • BACHELOR OF Beauty Therapy B.Be.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Counselling and Psychotherapy B.P.C.
  • BACHELOR OF Chinese (Traditional) Medicine B.T.C.M.
  • BACHELOR OF Chiropractic B.C.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Cupping Therapy B.Cu.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Dental Alternative Science B.D.A.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Diet and Nutrition B.D.N.
  • BACHELOR OF Electro Homeopathy B.E.H.M.
  • BACHELOR OF Feng Shui B.F.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Gem-Tele-Chromo Therapy B.G.T.C.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Herbal Medicines B.M.H.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Holistic Health and Nutrition B.H.H.N.
  • BACHELOR OF Hypnotherapy B.H.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Hydrotherapy B.Hy.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Indo Allopathy B.I.A.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Iridology B.I.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Kinesiology B.K.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Massage Therapy B.Ma.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Medical Astrology B.M.A.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Meditation B.M.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Naturopathy B.Nat.
  • BACHELOR OF Naturopathy and Yoga B.N.Y.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Pranic Healing B.P.H.
  • BACHELOR OF Pyramid Healing B.Py.H.
  • BACHELOR OF Radiesthesia and Radionics B.R.R.S.
  • BACHELOR OF Reflexology B.R.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Reiki B.R.H.
  • BACHELOR OF Sound and Music Therapy B.S.M.T.
  • BACHELOR OF Spiritual Healing B.S.H.
  • BACHELOR OF Tibetan Medicines B.T.M.
  • BACHELOR OF Yoga Therapy B.Y.T.
  • ELIGIBILITY for Admission: For all the courses mentioned above are Twelfth Grade / Intermediate / Standard XIIth / A level / IB Diploma or Equivalent.
    Duration:- Two Years


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Alternative Medicines (P.G.D.A.M.)
  • Masters in Psychotherapy and Counselling (M.P.C.)
ELIGIBILITY:-Bachelor's degree in any discipline
Duration:- 2 years


  • Doctor of Naturopathy / Natural Medicine (N.D./N.M.D.)
  • Doctor of Oriental Medicine (O.M.D.)
  • Doctor of Holistic Medicine (H.M.D.)
  • Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicines - M.D.(A.M.)
  • Doctor of Medicine in Electro Homeopathy - M.D.(E.H.)
  • Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture - M.D.(Acu)
ELIGIBILITY:-Bachelor's degree in any discipline
Duration:- 1.5 Years (Semester System), The course comprises of two semesters of nine months each

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